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Sports Massage In Northampton

Sports Massage


Many people who need a Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage will ask for a Sports Massage. There are so many different names of massage therapy it can be confusing to know which one is most appropriate to your needs. 

Keogh Reid offers a treatment called Raynor Massage which is perfect for those looking for a deep tissue or sports massage therapist. 


Traditionally a sports massage therapist will treat parts of the body in isolation. Sometimes this can be effective. With Raynor Massage we look at the whole body and understand how everything is connected. Lets say we see a client that has lower back pain. Rather than just treating the area that hurts, we will look above into the neck and shoulder and also down into the hips, often tracking tightness down the legs and into the feet. In order to treat the lower back pain, it may well be that we need to start the treatment by releasing tension from the feet, then ankles & through the legs. We may then want to do some intense, deep hip release work.


Lets have a look at what traditional Sports Massage below and then you can compare that with Raynor Massage.

What is sports massage?

This is a massage technique that involves the body soft tissues manipulation and helps the person to perform better physically. Soft tissues present in the body are mainly connective tissues that are soft and not hard like bones, such as skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. This was specifically designed to help the athletes by relieving them from strenuous physical activity, the imbalance in soft tissues and from trauma. For athletes sports massage before and after exercise is very helpful because it helps in improving the performance and injury prevention. The therapist focus on the problem areas such as legs for runners, arms for tennis player etc. They are trained massage therapist and know many techniques to ease the pain or to relax the soft tissues.

The massage is the earliest form of physiotherapy and was first used about 3000 years ago. It was first practised in China and India, but it got popularity in the western world as well. The modern sports massage therapist uses many techniques and ideas from Ling, who introduced massage to western society. It has been accepted throughout the world and used for the wellbeing of the sportsperson, athletes and people who do strenuous activity daily.












Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

• It helps to boost stamina and performance.
• It extends the life of athletes or sportsman career.
• It helps to restore the mobility that was lost due to injury and repair the damaged tissues.
• Maintain the overall health of an individual.
• It helps to prevent the risk of injuries.

The physical effects that sports massage have are:
• It allows the pumping of blood and body fluids, that improves the circulation in the body. Due to this, the body tissues will get essential nutrient and energy that promotes the repairing of tissues.
• Massage helps the pores to open and promotes the nutrient flow. Due to physical activity and workout lactic acid produces, which may accumulate in the muscles, but the deep massage removes the waste products by opening pores.
• The effective massage techniques involve stretching which releases the tension and pressure in muscle fibres.
• Due to injuries or trauma, the scar tissue may form which effects tendons, muscles and ligaments. The effective massage helps to remove that scar tissue.
• Due to hard training, the tissues may become hard and inelastic. The massage helps to reverse the hard tissues and makes them elastic.
The physiological effects are:
• The tension in muscles may cause pain which can be relieved by massage. It also releases the endorphins in the body that reduces the pain.
• Due to massage, the body gets heated because muscles relax. 
Psychological effects of massage cannot be neglected such as:
• It lowers the stress and anxiety levels because it is relaxation therapy.
• Massage before and after the workout or activity boosts the energy levels and one feels strong.

Who can have it?
It is equally important for all such as if you are the athlete playing for the country or a person running for health, anyone who is doing physical activity on daily basis can have this massage. 

Sports Massage in Northampton?