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Mobile Massage In Westminster

Mobile Massage In 

Westminster Zone 1


Would you like to have a deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home? Well Keogh Reid offers a fully mobile massage service around Westminster and all zone 1.

Some people prefer this option as it means that they don't have to deal with the stress of travelling home after receiving the massage.

How Does Mobile Massage Work?

First of all you need to get in touch with Keogh to arrange your appointment. Then, at the agreed time, Keogh will arrive at your home. He will be fully equipped with his massage table and oils. 

What you need to do is clear enough space in your home for Keogh to set up the massage table. You also need to provide some towels and sheets. Just something to lie on and also something to cover you with. Large bath size towels are good. Fleece blankets or single bed sheets will also work. It would also be good if you had a hand towel too which Keogh could arrange around the face hole. 

Upon arrival, Keogh will set up the table and get everything ready. He will then ask you to complete a Health Questionnaire. There will then be a consultation where you will get the opportunity to discuss any particular areas that you feel need attention. Keogh can then explain more about Raynor Massage and work out the best approach to helping you get rid of tension. 

Once the consultation is complete, Keogh will then leave the room to give you privacy to prepare for your massage. Your comfort and well-big is the highest priority here. You will be required to undress down to your lower underwear and then lie on the table whilst covering yourself from top to toe in the sheet or towels that you have prepared. Once you are ready, Keogh will re-enter the room and fix the draping into position. During the massage, the area of your body that is being massaged will only ever be uncovered and then fully covered again. The client will never be fully naked and all private areas of the body will remain covered throughout. 


















It's Your Time - Make The Most Of It!


When you choose a to have your mobile massage in Notting hill, Paddington, Bayswater or anywhere in zone 1 it really is a time where you can truly focus on getting rid of your tension. It would be advisable to remove as many distractions in your home as possible. This could include, turning all your phones onto silent. Switching the TV and Radio off. It could also be a good idea to remove any pets from the room that might want your attention during the massage. When it comes to other members of your household, it would be a good idea if they could also give you some private time where you can fully remain focussed on your treatment. However, if you would feel more comfortable having a family member or friend sitting in throughout the treatment then that is absolutely fine. Keogh would just request that this person keeps any communication down to an absolute minimum. This is not the time for them to ask Keogh about their own aches and pains! 


All Good Things Come To An End!


When the massage is complete, Keogh will leave the room to allow you to get off the table and get dressed in private. If possible, he would like to visit a bathroom where he can wash his hands. When you are ready he will then return and begin to pack up the table. You don't need to do anything other than sit and relax! 

Payment should be via cash as Keogh wont be able to accept card payment when performing massage in your home in London Westminster. 


After The Massage In Your Home


Once Keogh has left then we would advise you to take it easy for the remainder of the day. It's a good idea to keep yourself well hydrated. Massage therapy in your home is thought to release toxins into your bloodstream. This can have a wonderful detoxifying effect, You can help this process by supporting your body by trying not to add in more toxins for a while. You might want to consider cutting out tea and coffee and alcohol for that day and having as much rest as possible. A long soak in the bath with Epson Salts added can feel really nice. 

Mobile Massage in Westminster