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Advanced Raynor Massage Therapist - Paddington and Notting Hill



Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

I qualified to Diploma Level in 2014 at a recognised Massage School of Natural Therapies in London. I started my massage career working in a private Health Clinic in London. It was in 2016 that I launched my own business working as a mobile massage therapist building my client base around Central London. 

Around this time I was approached by the Raynor Massage School and was offered a position as teaching assistant on their massage training courses. I have since taught massage in London, Devon and Dublin. In 2019 I moved to Bayswater my roots are definitely more drawn towards the city and now share my time between massaging my private clients and teaching. Recently taught courses in Australia and New Zealand this year.

Born In Kent

I was born in Kent but soon moved to Herefordshire where I spent my early childhood. At 9 years old my family moved to London. I initially worked for a removals company and then spent the rest of my time in different construction labouring jobs not really knowing what I wanted to do. I got to a point and wanted to change my lifestyle and get more from my career.


An Injury Led Me Towards This New Career

My mother studied reflexology when I was younger so I had some awareness of holistic medicine but as a young adult, massage was certainly not part of my life. I did a course in massage not really fully thinking I would make a career to of it..

It’s not an exaggeration to say that what happened next changed my life. When I first arrived for my first lesson, I was in such pain that that day I had to cling on the banister for support whilst walking up the stairs to get to the classroom. One guy who was assisting on the course looked at me put me on the table put pressure on a few points adjusted my spine and I was about 95% pain free! I was astonished at just how effective massage could be! I knew there and then it was something I wanted to learn!
I loved the massage training course and the rest, as they say, is history!