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Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
Finding and Removing Tension
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Raynor Massage is deep tissue therapeutic treatment
Aimed towards eliminating all tension from the body.
Raynor Massage Therapy

Release Physical And Emotional Tension

We work from the principal that both physical and emotional stress can block and disrupt the natural flow of energy resulting in tension in the body.

The Raynor Massage therapist in Stockwell releases tension by following specific tight bands, throughout the body which are composed of ligaments, muscles and tendons. We track these bands to the source of the tension and then work to release it from these anchor points by using different massage techniques including specific stretches and adjustments.

Helps With Everyday Aches And Pains

Are you looking for ways to relieve every day pains and aches? This therapy works on all people regardless of their age or level of fitness. Some of the most common pains and aches can be found in the shoulders, back and neck. Raynor Massage works well to relieve this discomfort and improve your range of movement.
Keogh Reid offers a mobile service, providing Raynor Massage across Greater London. Some of the main towns that he provides Raynor Massage in are Shepherds Bush, Stockwell and Dulwich.
Raynor Massage Helps With Sleep
For those having trouble with sleep, Raynor Massage has been proven to help with insomnia as it deals with relieving not only muscular tension but can also calm the mind stress which can keep you awake. Even just one treatment can make a difference allowing you to wake up with a clear head, feeling rested and refreshed.

Massage in Dulwich is proven to be an effective remedy for those suffering with long-term back pain. It really does bring great results and Keogh has helped many clients who have suffered with back pain.

If you are looking for a great sports massage then this treatment works on a deep level, helping to release deeply held tension that will improve your performance, increase your range of movement and even help with the recovery of sports injuries.

Massage can be a great help to runners, especially those training for marathons and can be a great remedy for runners suffering from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. It was observed that Massage reduced DOMS by more than 30 percent.
Raynor Massage
It was created by Brandon Raynor and is influenced from many different styles including Shiatsu, Thai, Reflexology and Lomi Lomi.
Simple Benefits Attributed To Raynor Massage in Shepherds Bush
There are a lot of different massage choices that you can seek out. Whether you’re looking at training in this arena, or you’re looking at relieving stress, you’ll find that there are several different disciplines under the banner of massage. One of the many options is that of Raynor Massage in Shepherds Bush. This is a solution that has a lot of roots in the past, going through the history of reflexology, eastern medicine, and much more. As you look for holistic solutions, this will no doubt be one of the many options that you will see promoted often. There are several benefits that come through with this discipline type, and it starts with the basics and then gets deeper as you learn more about the art form.

Focusing on Loosening the Tissues of the Body
First and foremost, the main focus of this type of massage is to help alleviate stress that is found within the body. The body can grow tense in certain areas. This may manifest in headaches, muscle strain, back pain, and much more. Often times, people assume that this is due to injury or just regular wear and tear, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it is a matter of the muscle tissue tightening up, bunching together and growing stiff. That’s where this discipline comes into play, as it focuses on loosening the tissue and redirecting the tense elements to alleviate the body’s pain.

Helps With Athletic Performance
Athletes that are on the professional level know this all too well. The Raynor methods help alleviate in game cramping, as well as recovery after heavy training and performance. When training, lifting, running, and in contact sports, the muscles can take impacts and stress. The stress can lead to tears, and even fractures of bones. Loosening the muscular tissue and getting more circulation can benefit athletic performance as it will allow freedom of motion. This is important for athletes as much as it is for the average person. If you are having trouble with mobility due to an athletic injury, or just chasing toddlers around all day, this type of massage therapy can definitely help. Keogh provides mobile massage around Greater London including Shepherds Bush, Stockwell and Dulwich.

Focusing on Better Breathing
One of the premier aspects of the Raynor option is that breathing becomes easier. The method focuses on the whole body, not just the parts that may seem injured. When tissue is loosened, circulation improves, and lung function becomes easier to manage as well. Stress relief leads to relaxation, and that relaxation and pressure moves across the body, allowing for deep breathing. Part of the larger picture associated with Raynor Massage is in fact a matter of easier breathing, and reduction in anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. This is not a “cure” for these things, but as far as a method of promoting relaxation and stress, it’s definitely proven effective.

As you can see, there are some amazing benefits to this option, whether you’re training and learning, or you’re looking to get relief yourself, it’s a great solution to pursue on a larger scale, that’s for certain.
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