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Massage Raynor
Mobile Massage In London
Keogh Reid provides a mobile massage service around South London
Offering Deep Tissue Massage in Covent Garden
Fully Qualified And Insured
Keogh has the highest level of Professional Indemnity Insurance & has a degree in Raynor Massage
Mobile Massage In London
My name is Keogh Reid and I provide a professional mobile massage service around London.
Deep Tissue Massage
I offer a really effective deep tissue massage treatment that is designed to find and eliminate all tension from the body
Therapy In Your Home
Everything is provided to create a proper 'clinic experience’ in the comfort of your own home.
I became qualified as a deep tissue massage therapist back in Spring 2014 and hold a Diploma in Raynor Massage. I’m fully covered with the highest level of Professional Indemnity Insurance.

My experience in Raynor Massage

With regards to my experience of massage, my mother studied reflexology when I was younger so I had some awareness of holistic medicine but as a young adult, massage was certainly not part of my life. But then everything changed! I hurt my back during a labouring job and was in severe pain for several months. Eventually a friend of mine recommended I have some deep tissue massage treatment.

I’m not ashamed to say that I was a bit wary and slightly apprehensive. If I’m being 100% honest, coming from a building site and going to see a bloke for a massage felt a bit strange to me and I actually got a lot of stick from my ‘mates’ that day before my treatment. However, I went ahead and had the massage.

Wow! It’s not an exaggeration to say that what happened that day was literally life changing. When I first arrived, I was in such pain that I had to cling on the banister for support whilst walking up the stairs to the treatment room. One hour later and I was about 95% pain free! I was astonished at just how effective massage could be!
Massage Shoulders
First Massage

Prior to my first massage I had already been considering my future

I certainly did not want to spend the rest of my life grafting on building sites. I was really curious to learn more about how the massage worked and I decided to enrol on the training course.

So here I am. My training is now complete and I now have a Diploma in Raynor Massage. Having spent a year working as one of the therapists in a Health Centre in Sutton, I’m now established my own business, working full time as a mobile massage therapist around South & Central London. Helping all manner of clients with different conditions. As for my mates in the building trade, well I was expecting some playful jokes from them but to be honest they have been supporting me 100% and several have already been for treatment!

In Spring 2016 I was working on improving my fitness and decided to take up boxing. I soon discovered that I had a real passion for this and have started boxing at live events. I’m pleased to say that so far I am currently undefeated. Massage and boxing really seem to work well together and it has given me a real insight of how the human body changes during any kind of training and how massage can benefit that.
Providing Deep Tissue Massage Across London Including Stockwell, Shepherds Bush & Dulwich

I can provide my mobile massage service anywhere around Greater London. I have a base in Stockwell and Shepherds Bush so am in a prime location to provide my deep tissue massage there. I also have a large client base in Dulwich and travel there several times a week. So whether you are looking for sports massage in Stockwell, deep tissue massage in Shepherds Bush or a great therapeutic massage in Dulwich then I am just a phone call away.

A bit about my background

I was born in Kent but soon moved to Herefordshire where I spent my early childhood. At 9 years old my family moved to Sutton. I will be honest and say that my behaviour growing up was not always impeccable and I was certainly a bit of a challenge for the teachers to deal with. In fact I ended up being removed from my School and ended up in pupil referral unit called The Loxley Centre. I pleased to say this was a good move and I managed to turn things around there and was eventually accepted back to Overton Grange School where I completed my education. I initially worked for a removals company and then spent the rest of my time in and out of different labouring jobs.
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